Обзор BMW i4 — сможет ли этот электромобиль ДЕЙСТВИТЕЛЬНО победить Tesla? | Какая машина?

WhatCar #BMWi4 #BMWEV В этом обзоре BMW i4 мы рассмотрим, действительно ли этот новый электромобиль может превзойти Tesla Model 3.

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  1. Sean Cockell

    I drove the i4 and wow! I pre-ordered one from my local dealer and cannot wait!

  2. Big Dad Jor El

    Depends on the Tesla model! Will not touch the Plaid model with sub 10 second qtr mile times! Nice car but I cannot take the ugly grill!

  3. ezz il

    Not unless Tesla allow them to use the Tesla supercharger network. This EV thing isn't about the cars, not currently, anyway.

  4. Raphael

    What colour is this i4?

  5. Robert Blow

    Slight error, when you lifted the bonnet you said the plastic cover was over the electric motor. This may be the case with the M50 version but the i4 40 is RWD only so does not have a motor up front I believe.

  6. Dream Box

    BMW raised the price by between £1200-£1500 this week. No warning.

  7. lapin46

    it can't as BMW only intends to build 25000 of them in all 2022! Why, because like all others except Tesla, they won't earn any money with them lacking a margin and they cannibalise their own ICE car sales. These cars will likely be bought by BMW 3,4 and 5-series buyers.

  8. Fraser Reddick

    It's a nice car – bit too expensive once you add in all the packages etc. – but EV versions of ICE cars are always going to be compromised to a high degree and there are too many drawbacks here that are not necessary. I will wait for a dedicated platform from BMW before I consider it and stick to my KIA EV6 for now.

  9. Max Flight

    118mph an utter joke !

  10. Max Flight

    The stupid sub woofer in the back looks like something you’d see in “max power” magazine

  11. THESocialJusticeWarrior

    No. Cus no supercharger network.

  12. R S

    Would jump all over this if BMW offered it in a cabriolet

  13. Otto Willum Nielsen

    it doesn't take a lot to be a Trash-la killer, even the Chinese EV cars are way better assembled , and not as ugly as Trash-la, the Trash-la is really poor workmanship

  14. Kris EightyFive

    Great video! 2 things tho:
    1. Tesla IS opening up their charging stations for non-tesla cars
    2. The delivery times on Tesla's are insane atm! You take delivery in Germany and the Netherlands summer 2023 if you order now.

    So with the Tesla charging network comming in to play for non-tesla's, im going for the i4

  15. Pavel Pikat

    No way this monstrosity can beat Tesla, let alone Kia, Hyundai, or even Skoda. And it's 10K more expensive! Not to mention that to beat Tesla, you would need to improve charging tech & network, which all manufactures are still behind in regards to charge speed, handshake time, and convinience.

  16. Bad- Hair-Day

    I’ll wait to see how reliable they are after six months.

  17. G M

    The real competitors are coming from China

  18. Ed Hill

    There is no "Tesla Killer". Of course other car companies will make some great electric cars but by now everyone should realize Tesla will be a major player for many years. Because of the ridiculous title that included "tesla killer" I didn't even bother to watch any of the video.

  19. Derek Elliott

    The only reason to buy this over a Tesla is if you want to be a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian.

  20. Danger Cat

    So, it has less range than the Tesla, is much slower than the Tesla, has less room than the Tesla, has less storage than the Tesla, and has less tech than the Tesla, but has a nicer interior. Sounds like BMW might want to go back to the drawing board.

  21. Peter Poppe

    unfortunately it is a very long waiting time to get one… nearly 1,5 year !! And a strange conclusion, because Tesla has a bigger network for loading it has the better car ??

  22. Paul Henry


  23. Andre Poulard

    My i4 eDrive40 will come with an adapter that will allow me to use the Tesla chargers.

  24. Anu Mohandas Nair

    What a biased review. at least compare like for like in that case you should be comparing to Tesla model 3 Standard range model with LFP battery. In that case Tesla is way cheaper than BMW i4 at the same spec. Plus Tesla warranty is better than BMW also servicing options. So you can't really call a Tesla killer can you?

  25. Karl

    Too bad the front looks like crap… someone should take a serious talk with the designer.

  26. Pezz

    Model 3 is still the best car and better buy…..It's an EV whereas the i4 is a TEV (Transitional Electric Vehicle) so different products really …Thing is, as good as the Model 3 is, we're starting to see so many on the roads. I was in the US a month ago and its insane how many there are!? I drove a Jag i-pace and that was pretty nice…proper EV too….

  27. Dream Box

    £1500 for High-Beam Assistant , you have to buy it as a package.Incredible…Imagine paying £55000 and finding out HBA not standard lol

  28. Anita Smith

    I’ll never understand this Tesla killer mentality. There wouldn’t be a BMW i4 if Tesla didn’t exist. Tesla proved to the big automakers people want EVs.

  29. David Degea

    Update: Tesla have lately opened their super-chargers to cars from other manufacturers so, if that was your key factor to make a decision, you might want to reconsider.

  30. Gary Ayres

    Wow a Tesla Killer from BMW at last- but where is the BMW Charging Infrastructure that Tesla has?

  31. The Next Electric Car

    The quality of the interior is superb. The grille on the i4 is covered in plastic, and there are a few aerodynamic alloys. It also has a few blue accents strewn over the vehicle. However, availability to a stable fast-charging network, or the lack thereof, is currently disappointing.

  32. Vicki Stokes

    So happy that I live in California where there are over 6,100 DC fast chargers that include 282 Tesla superchargers. In the US there's a federal tax rebate of $7500 (not available for Tesla) and another $5250 in local and county incentives which makes the purchase of the BMW cheaper. So no big edge for Tesla in either regard. Needless to say, I will receive the delivery of my i4 edrive40 in two weeks. Love hearing perspectives from across the pond.

  33. A Lb

    End of tesla begings when. Mercedes bmw audi start to realy make EV cars

  34. Matt Wilson

    whats with all of the Tesla supercharger network love? non-"supercharger" fast chargers are SO much more common in the UK. I've been driving an EV for 2 years and I've never had any issues getting a fast charge (@150kw), and I've never even seen a supercharger.

  35. John Piper

    My dream car right here.

  36. Jagic Yooo

    I'd take this any day over tesla

  37. Johan Hedin

    i4 is my choice any day.

  38. Don Donaldson

    i4 because the charging network isn't as big a benefit as it is made out to be, there are still queues to deal with. So what is better? The charger that is a bit slower or the faster charger that you have to queue for? Tesla has poor quality ratings but high customer satisfaction ratings oddly, but it is expensive for what should be a more refined fit and finish. I don't buy into the minimalist wank, it is so boring to the point of depressing. I want to drive a vehicle and enjoy doing so rather than looking at a minimalistic wasteland that us as exciting as the inside of an old phone booth.

  39. Sum Ting Wong

    Impossible to get hold of one

  40. Nacho Collantes

    It's funny now to watch the video. As far as I know, there are some Tesla superchargers opened to general public in the UK. So the main difference could be just the price and of course, the service quality of bmw. I got a Tesla.

  41. dxprak

    Tesla did not invent Ev they invented the charging infrastructure . This is the real competition.

  42. Matt

    BMW: OHhh you mean you like our normal looking cars more than the Star Trek spaceship vibes?? Alright you freaks here you go.

  43. Shane Michael Boland

    No mention of the 4 wheel drive capability of the 50…?

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